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Rough and ready

The rumors are true! The Medina's are moving to the country!! Wah-hoo!!

Although this decision was made very quickly, I must admit we have dreamed of a change of scenery for a very long time. We love San Francisco, and despite it's many idiosyncrasies and growing pains, we will look back on our time here fondly, and with great reverence for the metro in which our children were born and.... errrr.... fortified.

So where are we going? We are moving to a little town in the Sierra Foothills called Rough and Ready, CA. Yes. That is a real place. :) For reference, you may have heard of Grass Valley, CA? It's about 5 miles from there. Still no? Then you've likely heard of Sacramento, CA - you know, the state capitol? We're about an hour North of there. Now that you know where we are, come visit! But call first, because we'll likely be working in the yard! :)

These are exciting times for us - our SF house is in the process of closing, and we have temporarily relocated to San Jose until the big move next month. So if you're in the South Bay and want to hang, ping us! And if you're in San Francisco (or anywhere nearby) and would like to join us for a final family and pet friendly shindig, we'd love to see you to say goodbye! However long or short our time together may have been, you have all been a part of shaping this pretty epic era of our lives, and we'd love a chance to thank you!

Join us for a night of celebration, conversation, and exchange at Barebootle Brewing Co at 5p. It's a huge. Bring the whole gang, it'll be family-friendly with games, food, and fun.

Aerial shot from the south looking northwest

Aerial shot from the south looking northwest

From the Hilltop to the Farm.

Our little starter home on Athens in SF was fantastic - just enough space, a small yard, one car garage, great neighbors (we're looking at you R&P!). Little garage, little bonus room. Just perfect for a budding family like ours. Amazing views. In fact, they rival one another if you ask me.

Old place

Old place

Why leave SF?

Not an easy city to leave, we agree. San Francisco has been our home for many years and has shown us nothing but a voracious appetite for life, true appreciation for the myriad of humans who share this planet, and the power of free thought & expression. We learned how to thrive and build a family in the great metro. We are indebted to MUNI, the adventurous spirit of the streets, the art & philosophy of the districts, the hustle, the vibrance. But there's more to this world than one city, including a world-class one like the City by the Bay.We'll never stop singing SF's praises.

New Place

New Place

Why Rough and Ready?

Why not? Let's start with the name: Rough and Ready. Say it out loud. Feel it. That and we are within striking distance to Tahoe and the endless outdoor opportunities that the Sierras offer. We choose to roll up our sleeves and rear our children on acreage upon which they can explore, be amazed, and learn with their hands. We see the beginnings of a larger movement to Nevada County and are excited to share in this new wave of folks like us looking for something different, and for a reconnection of sorts. Dust off your boots, get in the truck, and hold on.

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