What Others Are Saying


Steve was a very thoughtful and caring professional throughout my entire interaction with him. He is a great listener and didn't waste my time showing homes that didn't meet my minimum requirements. He also had a lot of expertise into the neighborhoods and I learned a lot from him! He responded quickly every time myself or my husband reached out to him. Although we decided not to buy just yet, he has still kept us informed. As soon as we are ready he will no doubt close the deal for us. Thank you Steve!

-Heather K


Steve was referred to me by a trusted friend. At first I was a little apprehensive about working with him, because he isn't one of the more experienced realtors out there. If my concerns weren't completely addressed after our first meeting, they were after I found the first house I was interested in. What Steve may (or may not) lack in experience he more than makes up for in his passion for his chosen profession, his hunger to research and learn more about properties and the current market, and what I interpreted as his sincere concern in my best interests. I always appreciated responses like, "you convince me that you should put an offer in on that house" or "you have to bid at least x, but don't go over y, it isn't worth it". We ended up putting offers in on 4 houses with Steve, and his estimates on what the house would go for were always very close to the mark. I, however, wasn't willing to believe those estimates right out of the gate, which is why I bid a little too low on the first couple. I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to a friend, colleague or family member, and he will without a doubt be the first person I call when and if I am in the market again.

-Joe Z


Steve is thoughtful, organized, knowledgeable and very flexible. My wife and I were looking for an agent who would offer guidance but not overwhelm us and not be pushy and to work within our budget- Steve has done that. I would recommend Steve if you are looking for someone who will fight to getyou what you want and will be honest and uprfront

-Hosain K


Detailed, thoughtful, and caring, Steve is the agent that will find you your home, not sell you a property. Even though I didn't end up moving, Steve has continued to be responsive when I have questions. Because of his energy, consistency and obvious dedication to his clients, I highly recommendhim for buyers AND sellers. When I am ready to move, he will definitely be the first person I call!

-Laura G


I've recently been looking into purchasing a home. Although we've not yet found a home that suits our needs, Steve has been an essential guide in helping us understand the pros and cons of our various options, and in making this whole process one that has actually been enjoyable. There were homeswe were happy to avoid, when Steve warned us of future costs. There were other homes that were good, but through Steve's guidance in helping us understand what really wanted, we ultimately decided to pass on. Steve has been responsive and thoughtful throughout this whole process, which has felt like a productive conversation about the type of home we'd like to own.

-Keith H


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